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A Ruth is a woman who has experienced great loss & pain yet has remained loyal & faithful no matter what; she has found her STRENGTH in GOD. Magnolias are a symbolism of beauty, purity, and loyalty which are all characteristics of a Ruth. 


Your story makes you who you are. We are dedicated to being your safe place where you can express yourself while feeling loved, appreciated, and supported regardless of where you are in your healing journey. 

Paige holding a picture of her grandmother Patsy.


Meet Paige Bridenstine, the owner of Magnolia Ruth Boutique. Magnolia Ruth Boutique was established in 2023. The name was inspired by Paige's grandmother Patsy Ruth. Patsy passed away in 2021 after her fight with cancer. Patsy had a beautiful soul which inspired Paige to follow her dreams of owning her own boutique. Magnolias were something Patsy and Paige bonded over and shared the love for. 

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